WaMu Built an Empire on Bad Loans

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choice home loans home loans | Choice Bank – Home Loans It feels good to be home. Especially after you navigate the winding road of open houses, offers, mortgages and moving.. WaMu Built an Empire on Bad Loans; Info Kumpulan Tips: Tips Memisahkan Lagu Dari File Video dengan Adobe Audition 1.6; Categories.

The Times has an amazing article today, By Saying Yes, WaMu Built Empire on Shaky Loans, about Washington Mutual’s loan decision-making process. The article describes how one now-jailed supervisor kept drug paraphernalia on his desk, claims by borrowers were rarely confirmed–no matter how outrageous, and loans were made to many unqualified borrowers.

Over 1,000 Americans Have Been Arrested Protesting Wall Street, While Bankers Have Dodged Major Prosecutions | ThinkProgress

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Washington Mutual, the country’s largest savings and loan bank, fell into the latter camp. The author of "The Lost Bank" has the story of the biggest bank failure in American history. LOG IN

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