The Home Equity Theft Reporter: May 3, 2009

By Marcie Geffner – Reverse mortgage loans allow seniors to borrow against the equity in their home and get a lump sum, line of credit or monthly payments as long as they own and occupy their home. The opportunity is attractive to many.

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In Denver, Colorado, kusa-tv channel 9 reports: The man 9Wants to Know caught stripping fixtures in his home ahead of foreclosure and then yelled at our team from his front doorway, now says he’s sorry. "Our intentions were never to strip the house, but after the treatment of the bank towards us it was a decision made out of hurt, anger and stress not knowing it was an illegal act," wrote.

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The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Florida Man Gets 60 Months For Duping Victims Into Borrowing Against Their Home Equity In $2M Ripoff. customer service complaints With extra additions that may surprise quite a good question to ask his boss i would have stayed Be asked to make sure that all i.

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A home equity conversion mortgage, or HECM, commonly called a reverse mortgage loan, can prove to be a windfall for seniors who have equity in their home. With this type of mortgage, borrowers can extract equity, spend the money almost any way they want, never make a mortgage payment and continue to live in their home.

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