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We will traveled back to China for adoption trip #6 in January 2013. This time God blessed us with 3 lovely daughters from China! Mia is 12 years old, Melissa is 9 years old and Madeline is 8 years old now. We feel so very blessed to have these darling girls in our family!

Climb the Great Wall of China and take pictures at Beijing’s National Stadium, home of the 2008 Olympics. Visit CCCWA (China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption) where referral documents and post placement reports are maintained. Learn about culture and lifestyle from specially chosen guides who will be open to sharing.

The Red Thread is a fairy tale about a king and queen who adopt a baby. The king and queen experience much pain in their hearts, which a peddler identifies as being caused by the pulling of red threads that are coming out of the king and queen’s hearts.

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The Lord began this journey towards our second adoption about 1 year ago. He put on our hearts to sponsor Kay – at Harmony Outreach and we did. When i first saw her, i fell in love with her and prayed for her to join our family. It wasn’t until May 2008 that the Lord began to use her to open our hearts to adoption again.

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On the same day we lost a child, we received our newest child. I was numb, heart broken, afraid, devastated, the most horrid thing you’ll ever experience is the loss of a child, but then to be across the world, then add that it’s adoption day, you have had your child in your arms for 4 hours.

Li Na’s Lily; When the Sea Turned to Silver. The Red Thread:. This story is not about the realities of adoption nor is it about the actual legend. It is a completely fictional, fairy tale inspired by the legend. Please see behind the story for more of Grace’s thoughts about this book.

-adoption -advocacy -special needs -Chinese special needs -China. Made in China, with Love Blogging about adoption, family, and special needs advocacy. facebook fan page. facebook Fan Page;. After reading about Red Thread Sessions a few months after I brought Christian home, I knew I.

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