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 · It must be approved and accorded the title of "condominium" by the relevant authorities. A condominum does not have to consist of apartments either, i.e. they may consist of landed or a mix of landed and apartments, as long as it is a strata titled project and conforming to all the above requirements.

A "site condo" is most likely a freestanding condo (not attached to other units) and is a single unit located on condo association land. You can also have PUD freestanding units where the land is owned by the building owner and the owners pay a monthly/quarterly fee for all exterior maintenance, very similar to and often confused with condos.

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The main difference between a single-family home and a planned unit development is the legal structure. With a single-family home, you’re on your own. Mowing your lawn, shoveling snow, and any other type of maintenance or repair will fall squarely on your shoulders. A PUD, on the other hand,

 · Planned Unit Development (PUD) – Appraiser vs Underwriter Q&A. I believe it’s primaily to be AWARE of the financial impact and and risk associated with what’s included in that PUD. Just as in my prior post on condominium budget analysis, buyers. IL and hosts the appraisal scoop blog and the wintotal users group an email forum for.

Planned unit development (pud) today, many cities and counties are fitting more and more people into smaller areas. The most common way to accomplish this is to create a Planned Unit Development (PUD). Technically a PUD is an area where the standard zoning rules do not apply. A PUD allows for a higher density of housing units to be built per.

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