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Frequently Asked Questions.. And, as long as you are not increasing your mortgage, they will cover the costs of transferring your mortgage too. This means a rate promised well in advance of your maturity date, thus eliminating any worries of higher rates.. like taxes, may not be billed.

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No one is contending that after a few years in Biglaw, a lawyer has enough money to retire and live with any degree of comfort. It just is not so. This is not an investment banker who made millions.

How are you handling your college loans, and how are lenders handling you? This is the question we asked our viewers and visitors to answer, First of all, I have a Master's degree in Social Work and the pay is NOT that bad. We're not afraid of living very, very cheaply in order to make ends meet.

 · It is okay to want more, as long as you’re willing to earn if. If your own preference is leisure time over things you can buy, earning less and spending less may be the way to go. There’s no reason for everyone to make the same decision as you in this matter – diversity of life approaches makes a society more resilient, not less so.

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Unless you’re an accounting geek, chances are you don’t like thinking about taxes. But when it comes to the IRS, you can’t just bury your head in the sand and claim ignorance.

There really are no dumb tax questions, because there rarely are simple, easy answers to any tax question. Here are some answers to ones you may be too embarrassed to ask. Source: (Not so) dumb tax questions you’re too embarrassed to ask