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They leave a lot of freedom in naming, one could use specific prefixes or suffixes, start names with an initial upper or lower case letter, keep all the letters in a single case or, with compound words, use a word separator character like "_" or flip the case of the first letter of each component word.

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2019. Cantrell, Kate and Osborn, Peter (2019) A shape of infinity. [Other Creative Art collection] Williams, Warren Raymond (2019) A conceptual design methodology for evaluation of alternate propulsion system modifications on small aircraft. [thesis (phd/research)] mensah, Ransford (2019) A framework for selection of processes to virtualize in e-government: a case study of Liberia.

The ContT transformer is one of the more exotic and less used transformers provided by mtl. The Control.Monad.Cont module now even includes the following warning:. Before using the Continuation monad, be sure that you have a firm understanding of continuation-passing style and that continuations represent the best solution to your particular design problem.

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Having the same common framework and runtime environment that at the same time allows the use of different languages is a paradox that cannot be squared. Either you enjoy the benefits of having the same framwork and runtime environment, or you enjoy the benefits of having a different language created for a different purpose.

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