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Jazz Thoughts – What is familiar? Chapter I – Openings. The five openings do not depend upon each other, and so can be read in any order. (Or it might be desirable to read only one of them the first time through this piece.[1]) They are presented here, as is my customary practice in this space, in the order in which I wrote them.[2]

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The disease could have been treated to ameliorate the condition but not cure it. However, the presence of the disease was unknown while he was alive. Only an autopsy showed its presence. How very sad he suffered so without help. Much more research on brain disease is needed. Such research will benefit alzheimer patients, too.

Yet, under the courtly form of manner and speech, it is too often the sensual conception of womankind which lurks in the background, and there is little evidence to show that there was any general belief in the chastening power of the love of a good woman-a power which might be of positive value in character building.

Defense chips away at total ‘Dance Moms’ star hid from court – The Informer

Sartre strips objective reality of any subjectivity but his own, except for those ghostly apparitions (that would be you) who are condemned to walk the earth, a living hell, negating his subjectivity with a moments notice. His justice: he returns the favor, jousting with lifelike windmills.

Summary: What if the three members of the Kingsguard who stayed at the Tower of Joy knew of Ned Stark’s search for his sister. What if they were able to meet him in secret and concoct a plan to keep the new-born king safe until he could reclaim his rightful throne.

The inability of the average person to cope with this rate of change and the resulting loss of loyalty, commitment and real relation is solved by the use of drugs – primarily prescription tranquillisers which ameliorate the continual shocks of life.

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