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Facebook’s Aquila Web Drone Completes First Flight Facebook announced on Thursday the first full-scale test flight of Aquila, its unmanned solar airplane that will beam internet to remote parts of.

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Facebook first unveiled the Aquila program in 2015, promising to deliver Internet at 10 gigabits per second to parts of the world that have no existing broadband infrastructure. It was meant to be.

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Facebook’s Aquila Web Drone Completes First Flight Mortgage Masters Group I had to smile when the landing was made prominent in Martin Luis Gomez blog update which details the successful second flight of Aquilla. It took a little while for The Facebook internet drone team to fess up to the approach incident at the end of the first flight.

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post from Facebook: "We’re proud to announce the successful first test flight of Aquila, the solar airplane we designed to bring internet access to people living in remote locations. We look.

Facebook’s big, solar-powered drone has taken flight once again. The social networking giant said Thursday that it’s Aquila drone completed its second test flight on May 22 at the Yuma Proving.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, announced the first successful flight of the Aquila drone, a large solar powered UAV that will deliver internet access.