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It is further subdivided into three subsections: the first examining the formation and reinforcement of the anti-sodomy norm in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; the second reviewing the jurisprudence of the Roman Rota (one of the Vatican’s two supreme appellate tribunals) on homosexuality; the third glancing briefly at more affirming recent statements of Pope Francis and leading Cardinals and bishops.

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Wall Street tanked this Monday after absorbing the news that GM’s CFU or Chief Fuck-Up had been ousted by the Obama Administration. The old adage ‘What’s good for GM is good for America’ had lost its credibility during the 8-year leadership of Rick Wagoner with.

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" Even more revealing is the "way they represent dharma externally in a variety of bodies- such as interfaith dialogue forums, academic religious studies forums, and policy making forums that include international as well as national"( ‘Re-clarifying what Being Different is and is not’, Tue.,, Feb.7, 2012).

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Arya blinked in surprise. "How do you know that?" "Gossip never really dies at court, especially when it comes to a good mystery." Idly stroking his horse’s mane, he admitted, "Ned Dayne is a squire at court. When I mentioned coming north, he said his aunt Ashara’s son was the natural-son of Ned Stark."

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You may have noticed a recent stall (more so then usual) in posts on the Chronicles. We apologize for this delay but a graduation, a recent moving of country, and the build up to the holidays have gotten in the way of the creative team. We promise several new Traum posts coming next week, once the creative team have been able to stop and breathe for a few seconds.